It's been so long ever since I did a major update to The Modern Method. To be honest, I thought this project was a failure since these kinds of sites usually get easily blocked, and not the Google Sites ones like The Advanced Method.

However, ever since someone in the Discord server said that it was actually Google Sites that was blocked but this isn't, I wanted to return the favor for people that have been supporting me and going to this site from the very beginning.

So I have decided: I'm going to mirror all the games from The Advanced Method and The Flash Method and continue updating this site for y'all. Though I'm at a point in life where things will be getting busier and busier, I will continue maintaining this site, so don't you guys worry.

Also, one more thing. I don't usually read comments anymore, given how busy I am. So if you want to tell me anything directly, send a message in the discord server (you must be 13 and above to join).

Again, thank you all for your continued support by playing on this site. And remember: keep up with your studies and play only *after* you've done your homework! :P (I see you there, procrastinators.)

Simon Cheng - January 8th, 2022

824 days since unblock modernization.