Fixed expired domain (please notify me in the discord for critical issues like these).


Just found out that ads were actually working. I enabled them two weeks ago and forgot about it, assuming they don't work, like it used to not. The auto-ads are really messy right now but I have no time to fix them currently (you can fix them by reloading the page. But if you really get annoyed, I value your experience over money, so use an adblocker, though I hope you are willing to put up with it to support this website). I'm really hopeful this can sufficiently provide my server costs.


Upgraded this site to v2.0 (not that this site ever had a version number). And for those tech people, I meant to say Nextjs, not React

Changed all the message letters and updated everything.

Added new display buttons and added a Mirrors section.

Added new WebGL and Flash section, moved the previous flash to 'Old Flash', and mirrored a bunch of games from The Advanced Method and The Flash Method over to here

Updated Projects.


Woohoo, happy new year everyone! I just cleaned up some really old stuff here. I'm planning to move all of The Advanced Method games here after someone in the discord server told me that this site works and The Advanced Method doesn't. Strange, but alright I guess.

Also, this is going to be the last version before I upgrade this site to React. I'm going to remove the flash section and the changeserver thing along with it. So enjoy the old crappy version for as long as you can :)


Switched watermelon server's origin host

Fixed watermelon server and added Site C (check it out under Change Server)


Switched html5 games to use a faster mirror


Remove Run 3 temporarily. Sorry guys, but this is quite important


Add new html5 games


Added 1v1.LOL and a bunch of Y8 games (note that from now on, all added games will use the watermelon server, directly mirrored from The Advanced Method)

Fixed shell shockers

Changed default html5 and projects width from 800px to 900px. Also set up system to mirror games from The Advanced Method to here.


Removed Shellshockers until I have time to fix it.

Added back Shellshockers. This shouldn't cause anymore issues when shell shockers updates.


Discord proxy is back up. I'm switching to a new ad provider called "". This will hopefully provide me with enough revenue to pay for the discord proxy and other proxies.

Removed as proxying will be essentially impossible (since dev of the game limited to two players per IP.)


Discord proxy is down. I have to resolve an abuse report with DigitalOcean on the premise that the proxy is somehow DDoSing discord.


Re-added discord proxy


Little note from the dev: Hi guys! I know it has been a while since I updated this website. With four summer camps going on simultaneously, I can barely keep up with the workload. There's also a chance I'm going to retire this website. If you wish to contribute to this website, you can always drop by my email address: [email protected]. Cheers, Simon. switched static proxy provider.

Fixed proxy servers that were not renewing the certificates. Games like diep and zombsroyale should work now.


Switched to a new ad provider. I have 99.999% confidence that no popups will occur.


Deleted discord proxy. If you want more info on why this happened, ask me in the discord server.


Updated shellshockers to newest compatible version.


Added Super Smash Flash 2 v1.0.3.2 mirror.


If you haven't noticed, netlify decided to move to


Big changes to Zombsroyale and Shellshockers. I placed a static proxy in place so that updating won't be necessary (although I'm not 100% comfortable about shellshockers)


Added Discord Proxy (yes you've got that right. A discord proxy)

Exterminated the filthy ads, leaving one ad left (and one other which I'm don't feel good about so disabling for now) in order to fund the discord proxy and websocket proxies. I'm tired and have to sleep. Screw you, messed up ad providers.


Added Don't Escape 1-3 and Haunt the House

Added Raze 1-3, Binding of Isaac, Johnny Upgrade, Acid Bunny 1-2, Shadez: Black Operation, Tetris'd, Effing Worms, City Siege 3, and Zombocalypse 1-2


Added the long requested discord server. Invite link:


Update: Orange server is back, up and running.


Ok, I've just experienced the popups and man am I PISSED. I will monitor the ad situation and terminate the ads accordingly. Of course, ads are going to be disabled until further notice.


Fixed websocket proxy. Thanks to whoever commented about it. Also, orange server is down. I do not know when will it get restored.

Someone told me the ads were getting a bit too far. Terminating the ads until... lets say until COVID-19 is over.


Made ad hiding message more clear.


Heard from someone that it was blocked. Therefore, I created Site A (main) and Site B.

Fixed Basketball stars for the watermelon server.


Apparently I didn't explain well enough about the ad update. If you're receiving popups or just don't want to see ads, go to Change Server and click on "kill" to kill the ads for the time being.


Added Five Nights at Freddy's.

Alright guys, this is the current ad situation. I put the ads in a sealed safe container, ad money drops to a penny per day, but if I don't, ad money is enough to support the proxies, but then weird ads will pop up. So what I've done is added an emergency ad killswitch in Change Server.


Added Basketball Stars


Added anti-popup feature. Comment if it still exists.

Fixed shellshockers


Removed ads from this changelog. And removed a suspicious ad banner. Spam the comment section if any unpleasant thing happens.


Fixed ad redirection. If you are still experiencing those redirections, spam the comment section.


Fixed Shell Shockers's annoying aspect ratio

Added TU-46


Updated ads and Comment form. (You can access queued games now!)


Fixed and Zombs Royale

Krunker should be up by next week latest (if I'm not wrong about my exam dates)


Added famously requested game, ready for it? (thanks to people who click on ads that make these websocket games possible): Shell Shockers

Also, about ad redirects and annoyances, tell me what page you're experiencing it on.

To answer your complaints about Super Smash Flash v1.2... I'm not sure how to unblock that one... maybe in the future?

And to answer the person who asked when is dark mode coming, maybe sometime in May. A bunch of exams are harassing me so... yeah.

Finally, increased ads to accommodate increased websocket games (and in the future).


Many thanks to you guys and ads, I added! (There's a high chance that if you can't access the Orange server, then you probably can't access any websocket games...)

Risky ad update. If you guys encounter any popups, page redirects, or any annoying ad experiences, LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY by spamming the comments section.


I just realized what the ads were truly doing. (Sorry guys). They redirected the entire page, making you unable to play anything. I'm going to test out a modern way of showing ads without interruption.


Removed half of the ads.

Fixed Zombs Royale. I have to update it manually from here on, so please bombard me with comments saying so if there is ever one. (If you can't access it previously, you might be able to now or later, if you have Cisco Umbrella). Thanks to those who click on ads, I can easily unblock zombsroyale and will unblock for other io games.


Removed weird popups. Thanks to whoever reported it.

Half fixed zombs royale (still didn't fix it)

Someone requested me to add Madalin Stunt Cars 3. Well... Madalin Cars Multiplayer is Madalin Stunt Cars 3.


Updated ad links. Many thanks to those who click on them.


Added Sports Heads Soccer Championship

A lot of you are reporting zombs royale needs an update. Will fix that by the end of the week, latest by end of next week (heavily bombarded by school work)


Suffering from bandwidth bills (thanks a lot netlify), I have to, sadly,... put up ads.

Note: don't be an idiot and click on any weird ads, unless you want to sponsor me for paying netlify's scary bills


Added Impossible Quiz 1 and 2, Sports Heads Basketball Championship, The World Hardest Game 1 and 2, and the Henry Stickman Series


Added Zombs Royale


Added Obey The Game


Fixed rooftop snipers (oops, I was an idiot and forgot to update)


Added requested game: rooftop snipers


Fixed accidental error for the URLs for Madalin Stunt Cars 2 and Super Smash Flash 2b (Thanks for whoever brought this to my attention)


Added a new feature: Change Server

Added a bunch new games: Duck Life 1 to 4 and Ace Gangster

Unable to add the requested game: Super Mario Run <== you do realize that's for mobile, right? -__-


Changed the hosting service, again, to something even more reliable.

Changed the hosting service


Fixed a bunch of stuff and posted it to The New Method


Published The Modern Method